Terms of Use

Mentors Mind owns and operates the websites mentorsmind.com and retains the copyright as well as other rights to intellectual property associated with the Mentors Mind Product/Material which includes all documents, data, or technical knowledge and other information that is provided to Customers. Customer acknowledges that it must get Mentors Mind beforehand written permission prior to being permitted to: (i) copy any material from Mentors Mind materials; (ii) use any recording equipment (including however, but not restricted to, audio recorders cameras, and video recorders) during audio conferences or webinars or webinars; or (iii) make use of Mentors Mind trademarks and trade names, or other names in any publication or promotion.

1. Mentors Mind Material/Product shall mean to refer to all products or materials purchased through Mentors Mind websites, or all the information you have access to after purchasing these products or materials.

2. If the payment is made in full of the Mentors Mind Product or Material fee, Mentors Mind will grant each Customer: (i) a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to access the specific product in an uninterrupted way as well as (ii) an exclusive and non-transferable license to make only one copy of the entire Mentors Mind Product or Material.

3. The Mentors Mind Product/Material shall not be used for commercial use and should not be used to produce derivative works. To understand the complete usage terms or if you have specific query regarding usage of Mentors Mind Material/Product, kindly write to support@mentorsmind.com

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